Weird Inventions


Weird inventions may be profitable. I just saw a written report on the news about an automated dog wash in a car wash. Get the car as well as the dog clean all at once! Obviously, ideas for inventions that are just weird and fascinating or funny is okay too. By the way, the ideas here are not patented, so go ahead and bring them, make sure they are, patent them and produce a few bucks with them. Good luck! - Electronics inventions

Windchimes made from bones. There are plenty of people available that like the morbid side of life, and I think they are buying windchimes too. Obviously, they don't must be human bones!

Machine that induces naps. A few of the brainwave entrainment CDs I have been using for months are really powerful. One puts me to sleep every time, anytime of the day. This technology could possibly be accustomed to develop a system for baby cribs and kid's beds. The device would play CDs which decrease brain waves and puts kids to fall asleep. Lots of parents would buy this.

Wall-mounted furniture. Have a steel track included in the perimeter with the room, and furniture built to hang using this. The couches, chairs and tables wouldn't need legs, and will be simple to clean under. Of course, if you generate the system, the client has to buy furniture from you.

Furniture that glows in the dark. Perhaps it would be more practical to have just the edges trimmed with a glow-in-the-dark material. Forget about bumping into the coffee table at nighttime, plus a nice party atmosphere too.

Alarm clock which uses voices. Here's some of those easy inventions, plus it isn't even that weird. Play one with the "sampler" chips which are present in electronic keyboards. Push the button to record a short message-alarm. Get up in your own voice, or record a wake-up message from your sexy friend for additional motivation. Have it say what you would like. "You're late for work!" might work, or could possibly give you a heart attack.

Exam survival kit. Are you ready for your big exam? Now you are, with your new Examomatic Survival Kit. The kit contains caffeine pills, ginkgo biloba capsules, aromatic oils that "wake up" the brain, plus a dozen quick tips for instantly raising your IQ.

Fish kite. look, above! It's really a bird, it is a plane... no, it's the new flying fish kite! It is really an inflatable kite (no kite sticks), however it flys as with every kite. Comes with a fishing pole for your kitestring, so you can just reel it in when you're done. Fishing above! - Electronics inventions

A couple of ideas, now you need to come up with your personal weird inventions.